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The Best Electric Car is One That Doesn’t Need Plugging In: A Toyota Hybrid

The Best Electric Car is One That Doesn’t Need Plugging In: A Toyota Hybrid

Toyota’s hybrid cars are the best solution for Singaporeans that want to go electric right now, and we explain why

Can you drive a car in Singapore that offers the benefits of an electrified vehicle - without needing a place to charge it? Yes.

Singapore has announced plans to electrify its vehicle population, and phase out internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles here by 2040. But while electrification is the way to go here, for the majority of Singaporeans who live in public housing, charging an electric vehicle (EV) in Singapore remains an issue if they don’t have ready access to a charger near their residence or workplace.

If you are ready to embrace electrification, but still have worries about EV charging in Singapore, then Toyota’s hybrid vehicles are the best solution for you right now. Toyota’s hybrids offer a greener alternative to traditional ICE cars, while bringing in added convenience over a full EV as it doesn’t require one to plug in and charge its batteries.

What is a hybrid car?

In essence, Toyota’s hybrids combine an ICE drivetrain with an electric motor, with the motor’s energy coming from a set of batteries located under the car. The batteries are recharged via regenerative braking, which captures energy usually lost in the braking process, and sends them back to the battery to be stored and used if required. The ICE can also help recharge the batteries too if required.

The system is able to automatically decide whether to use the electric motor or the ICE to power the car, depending on the driving conditions. There is no requirement for any special intervention from the driver, and as such Toyota’s hybrid cars offer a truly seamless driving experience between electric power and ICE drive. You just get into the car and drive it like you do with any other regular car.


harrier hybrid car


Why are Toyota hybrid cars worth it?

Compared to a regular petrol-driven ICE car, a Toyota hybrid offers greater fuel savings thanks to its ability to drive on electric power, as well as being a more environmentally friendly choice. With the availability of generous tax rebates under the Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES) to encourage the adoption of greener vehicles, a hybrid is also a more cost effective option to purchase as well, with Toyota’s hybrid models attracting a S$15,000 rebate under the VES, making them an extremely attractive choice for the savvy buyer.

Toyota has built up a reputation for reliability over the years, and this extends to its hybrid vehicles as well. It has sold over 15 million hybrid cars globally since 1997, which is a true testament to its quality and dependability. With more than two decades of experience in developing and offering hybrid vehicles for sale, Toyota are the pioneers of automotive hybrid technology.


 toyota camry singapore


Widest Range of Hybrid Car Models in Singapore

In Singapore, Toyota now offers the widest range of hybrid models for sale, with a variety of choices for buyers to choose from. The Corolla Altis Hybrid offers hybrid technology for the family man, while those who need more space and seven seats can opt for the Prius+ Hybrid MPV. The Camry Hybrid meanwhile is the perfect choice for the executive looking for an efficient luxury cruiser, while those looking for something even more luxurious can opt for the opulent Alphard Hybrid people carrier.

There are hybrid options for those looking for a fashionable SUV too, with the Yaris Cross Hybrid offering an ideal combination of a frugal drive and excellent practicality in a compact package. The Harrier Hybrid meanwhile caters to drivers who are looking for a premium SUV that offers a great blend of efficiency and luxury, and the ever-popular RAV4 will also be available as a hybrid in 2022, further strengthening Toyota’s commitment towards sustainability while offering the most extensive range of hybrid cars in Singapore.

Toyota’s hybrids are self-charging, cost-effective, reliable, and extremely fuel efficient - and that’s without even getting into the more emotional aspects of ownership. No wonder why a Toyota hybrid makes great sense for the Singaporean car buyer who wants to start their electrification journey today. For more information on Toyota hybrids, you may read about them here on our Hybrid Page.

Check out our video on why Toyota hybrid drivers are smarter: 


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