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Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are one of the vital parts of your car. Not only do they protect you from bumps and vibrations, they also help to maintain road contact and improve everything from safety to handling. With so much riding on this component, it is important to choose Toyota Genuine Shock Absorbers.

Toyota Genuine Shock Absorbers

Drive comfortably and safely with Toyota Genuine shock Absorbers

Why are shock absorbers important?

This suspension component helps to:

  • -reduce bumpy rides
  • -keep rides planted on the road
  • -increase comfort and stability

When to replace shock absorbers?

After driving for at least 5 years

Swerving, bumpy, unstable drive

Identify the difference




Wheels hops can occur when going over bumps.


Wheels are planted firmly on the road for a stable ride.

Why choose Toyota Genuine Shock Absorbers?


Best Settings

designed for Toyota


High Quality Materials

Long lasting reliability


Rust Resistant

Cation-coated surface to reduce corrosion


Perfect Fit

Includes specific bushings for your Toyota

Prices from $200 onwards.

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