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Buying a Toyota Car in Singapore

Buying a Toyota Car in Singapore

If you are a car buyer in Singapore, we understand how complex it can be given the sheer variety of models and types of cars available in the market. Your ideal car should be the perfect combination of being able to fulfil your everyday driving needs while fitting into the lifestyle you lead.

Toyota offers a comprehensive line-up of cars to meet every driver’s needs. From entry-level sedan to a premium luxury SUVs, MPVs for the family man, efficient hybrids for the fuel savers, and enthusiast-focused sports models from Toyota’s GR range.

Let’s look at some of the Toyota models and help you decide which is the most suitable for you.


Sedan for the daily drivers: Toyota Corolla Altis


Sedans are known to have both high comfort and ride quality, and for the motorist who wants something straightforward and easy to drive to get from A to B, there’s no better sedan than the evergreen Toyota Corolla Altis. With over 44 million units sold over six decades, the Corolla Altis has proven itself to be a truly reliable and dependable car that meets the needs of many. From its design to its quality, the new Corolla Altis moves the game on, proving that sedan buyers need not settle for less.

Based on the latest Toyota New Global Architecture platform (TNGA), the Corolla Altis delivers exceptional performance. The car has been designed for great visibility, making it easy to drive and manoeuvre, while it has also been engineered to reduce Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) to a minimum, ensuring that passengers enjoy great levels of comfort.

As a car designed for the everyday driver, the Corolla Altis offers great value with its sophisticated features. The interior is intuitive, easy to use, and even comes with a nanoe air purification system that cools yet moisturises the air, and suppresses allergens and odours, a feature that is usually found on higher end premium cars. Other features include smart entry and push start, and rear air con vents to deliver maximum comfort and convenience for passengers.

Safety is of paramount importance and the Corolla Altis delivers that by incorporating class-leading safety features that set the benchmark for its segment. Seven airbags are standard in Altis, keeping everyone in the car protected while the Elegance model has a suite of advanced safety features with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS).

Among the TSS features in the Corolla Altis include Dynamic Cruise Control, which helps you maintain your distance from the car in front, Lane Departure Warning with Steering Assistance, which keeps you in your lane and warns you if you are straying out of the lane, as well as Pre-Collision System (PCS), which is able to detect obstacles and automatically brake the car if it senses an impending collision. It also has a Blind Spot Indicator System, which warns you of traffic in your blind spot, further mitigating accidents from occurring as a result of sudden lane changes.

The Corolla Altis has been setting the standard for sedans for generations, and the latest version brings that trust and quality onto a whole new level. For the sedan car buyer, you simply cannot go wrong with the Toyota Corolla Altis.


SUV for executive who desire luxury on the go: Toyota Harrier

SUVs are favourites among those who want something practical and can do virtually anything. Their versatility means that they can function as an everyday car for the weekdays, and transform into a family lifestyle vehicle on the weekend, and the SUV is ideal in performing the many roles that car buyers nowadays demand of their cars.

For those who want an SUV that can elevate their status, the Toyota Harrier offers everything that you desire, wrapped up in a luxurious and comfortable package. Its commanding design is stylish and emotionally appealing, and it delivers a truly premium executive package that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The Harrier Hybrid offers outstanding performance too, with its 2.5-litre Dynamic Force Engine with Hybrid Synergy Drive that is one of the most thermal efficient engines in production today. This makes it exceptionally quiet and ultra efficient, as well as being cleaner and greener.

Comfort is very much a priority in the Harrier, with features such as ventilated front seats, 8-way power driver’s seat with lumbar support and nanoe X dual zone air con all available as standard, ensuring that you’ll enjoy a comfortable ride on long trips.

As well, the Luxury variant also comes with a dimmable panoramic moonroof to take advantage of the weather and sunny skies, a feature not commonly found even on many higher end cars. Similarly, the digital rear view mirror (Luxury variant only) is a unique premium feature, and aids rearward visibility, especially if you have loaded up the boot area with items.

With its stylish design, exceptional performance and high quality and functional interior, the Toyota Harrier is the perfect choice for an executive who demands for a premium luxury SUV that’s truly outstanding in its class.


MPV for the family: Toyota Sienta Hybrid

For the family drivers who needs to send the kids to school or take the extended family out for weekend activities, an MPV is usually the best car for the job. And the Toyota Sienta Hybrid is one of the most effective and efficient MPVs around to fulfil your people-carrying needs, with the ability to accommodate up to seven people in comfort.

Versatility is the Sienta Hybrid’s core strength. Its tall stance and dual-powered sliding doors means you get easy access to the cabin, as well as to the third row of seats thanks to the easy to use lever, while plenty of space for young children to stand and change if needed. The dive-in rear seats can also be folded down to reveal a large boot space for your luggage and other items you may want to carry.

Safety is also of utmost importance, and the Sienta Hybrid will ensure that your family is safe and sound, with the Toyota Safety Sense suite of active safety systems, which incorporate features such as Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Intersection Turning Assist (ITA) and Emergency Steering Assist (ESA), Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), Lane Trace Assist (LTA) and Lane Departure Alert (LDA).

The Sienta Hybrid’s 1.5-litre powertrain develops 114hp and 141Nm of torque, and the electric motor of the hybrid drivetrain ensures that acceleration is brisk enough for city driving. At the same time, the Sienta Hybrid delivers outstanding efficiency, with a class-leading fuel economy figure of 25km/L, helping you save on your fuel bills.

If you want a 7-seater car that’s practical and spacious enough for you and your family, while being safe and easy to drive, as well as being highly efficient, then the Toyota Sienta Hybrid makes for the perfect choice as a family car.


Hybrid for the fuel efficient driver: Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid

Toyota is the undisputed leader in automotive hybrid technology, having been the pioneers in its development over two decades ago. Today, it has the widest range of hybrid cars available on sale, and the Yaris Cross Hybrid is the epitome of what Toyota’s hybrid technology can achieve in terms of fuel efficiency.

With its class-leading fuel consumption figure of just 26.3km/L, the Yaris Cross Hybrid is guaranteed to help you cut down on your fuel bills significantly, which makes it extremely relevant today given the rising cost of fuel prices. The 1.5-litre hybrid drivetrain delivers 110hp and 120Nm of torque, while its light and nimble nature makes it the perfect urban runabout that’s easy to drive and park in the city.

At the same time, the Yaris Cross Hybrid has first-class safety features, which includes Toyota Safety Sense that incorporates functions like the Pre-Collision System (PCS), Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and Lane Tracing Assist & Lane Departure Alert.

Convenience is also catered for, with an 8.0-inch touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. The Excite variant also has a futuristic head-up display that showcases the relevant driving information projected onto the windscreen. The 40:20:40 split rear seats and 390 litre boot space also offers greater versatility for carrying your items around.

While the Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid is undoubtedly an efficiency master, it also manages to deliver a premium driving experience, with no compromises in safety and convenience, proving once again that good things do come in small packages.


GR for the car enthusiasts: Toyota GR Supra

supra sports car

The Toyota GR brand has been developed to appeal to driving enthusiasts, those who want something exciting and out of the ordinary, and something that stands out from the crowd. Most importantly, they want something that engages their senses, every time they get behind the wheel, and the Toyota GR Supra absolutely delivers on all fronts.

Powered by a 3.0-litre straight-six turbocharged engine that produces 335hp and 500Nm of torque, the GR Supra is able to go from 0-100km/h in just 4.3 seconds, offering a level of performance that is guaranteed to delight.

But more than just sheer power, the sports car is also engineered with the keen driver in mind. Its 50:50 front and rear weight distribution ensures optimum balance, while the lightweight yet rigid chassis gives it great stability when cornering, ensuring maximum driving enjoyment on any road.

The GR Supra is the reimagining of an icon, and the latest generation has been honed through Toyota’s extensive expertise and knowledge gleaned from years of motorsport experience. As such, you can be assured that the GR Supra will be able to deliver the level of driving excitement that enthusiasts will demand.


Whatever car you’re looking for, whether it is an easy to drive everyday sedan, a stylish and luxurious premium SUV, a promised space and comfort MPV, an ultra efficient hybrid or a high performance enthusiast, Toyota has a model to suit every need and desire. Book a test drive today to check them out!


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