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Toyota Shows Progress Toward Future Mobility at 2019 Tokyo Motor Show



  • Preview of advanced mobility planned for Tokyo 2020 Games
  • Vision of future electrified, autonomous mobility that links people to the connected city around them

The LQ, previously unveiled by Toyota at CES in 2017 as the Concept-i, will demonstrate how the powerful blend of SAE level 4 automated driving and artificial intelligence can remake the relationship between car and driver


SINGAPORE, October 24, 2019―Toyota is making a statement at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, showing its progress in reshaping itself into a global mobility company built around the philosophy of providing “Mobility for All.”

In speeches by senior executives, new product demonstrations and a preview of its mobility plans for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, the company displayed its vision for integrated mobility products and services.

“Sports and making cars aren’t all that different,” said Toyota Executive Vice President Mitsuru Kawai, who welcomed several hundred reporters and guests ahead of the Motor Show’s formal opening. “For athletes to get stronger, they train to improve every single day. It is continuous improvement and a basic principle of the Toyota way. We are proud to share our progress and our ongoing commitment to making ever better cars.”

Toyota announced its plan to transition into a global mobility company at CES 2018, with president Akio Toyoda unveiling the e-Palette mobility-as-a-service concept and a new corporate focus on products and services designed to extend freedom of movement to all. The shift was built on an understanding that four key technology and societal trends – connected networks, automation, shared services, and electrification – were combining to unlock new possibilities for mobility that extended well beyond the limits of the traditional automobile.

The Ultra-Compact BEV is a short-distance mobility solution for everyone from seniors to businesses and local governments

Toyota’s progress towards this goal is now on full display at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. In addition to ever-better models of traditional automobiles, such as the all-new Yaris, the company’s line-up boasts a range of new electrified vehicles that are ready to hit the market. This includes the next-generation Mirai, which is set to drive fuel cell electric technology from an emerging platform to a true performance competitor, the Ultra-Compact BEV, a short-distance mobility solution for everyone from seniors to businesses and local governments, and a host of other battery-powered micro-mobility platforms. These new products are backed by an expanding network of partnerships with battery manufacturers that will help to meet accelerating demand in the years to come.

“Vehicle electrification is the heart of our transformation into a global mobility company,” emissions.2said Executive Vice President Shigeki Terashi, “and our full range of electrified vehicles has positioned Toyota to meet consumer needs and reduce CO We are proud to have set aggressive targets for electrified vehicle sales by 2030, and even more aggressive targets for emissions reductions by 2050. These reflect our belief in the potential of electrified vehicles, as well as our commitment to overcoming the barriers that still stand in the way of widespread adoption.”


Toyota’s is also successfully integrating electrified powertrains with emerging autonomous and connected mobility systems to develop platforms for shared services that will see their first major test at the Olympic and Paralympic Games next year. No longer just a concept, the e-Palette will now provide an electric and autonomous “mobility as a service” transportation option for athletes and staff at the Olympic and Paralympic Villages.

The LQ, previously unveiled by Toyota at CES in 2017 as the Concept-i, will demonstrate how the powerful blend of SAE level 4 automated driving and artificial intelligence can remake the relationship between car and driver. These same core technologies will also be adapted into smaller products, including a range of robotics platforms designed to enhance people’s abilities, especially seniors or those with physical disabilities.

“At Toyota, we understand the importance of developing new technologies to amplify human capabilities, not just to replace them,” said Gill Pratt, CEO of the Toyota Research Institute, which leads Toyota’s global research into artificial intelligence and automation. “Robots that can assist us on the job, or cars that avoid crashes when we drive, will offer direct physical benefits to individuals and society. Technology that will allow us to age in place with dignity, or to take greater joy in personal mobility, will offer enormous emotional benefits. But combined, these emotional and physical benefits will help build a new relationship with technologies that are designed to make life more fulfilling. “

More than just showing off a collection of advanced hardware and future service plans, Toyota is using the Motor Show to reinforce its belief in the power of mobility to improve society. This philosophy is the backbone of Toyota’s partnership with the International Olympic and Paralympic Movement, and its work to provide safe, environmentally sustainable and “just-in-time” mobility for the thousands of athletes, staff and visitors who will journey to Tokyo for the Games next year. But the Olympics are just the start, as the company is working towards a future where mobility is seamlessly integrated into a wider “connected city” in which services and support would be available on-demand to everyone.

“We invite everyone to come and take a peek at what we think Toyota will look like as a mobility company,” said Toyota president Akio Toyoda. “We are showing a vast range of forward-thinking, just-in-time products and services that we hope can help deliver what customers want, but also help to create lasting relationships and bring positive impact to society as a whole. Come and see!”



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