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Think you’re the ultimate Toyota fan? Then test out your knowledge with this tricky little quiz to see if you can achieve the top rank! Once you’re done


Think you’re the ultimate Toyota fan? Then test out your knowledge with this tricky little quiz to see if you can achieve the top rank! Once you’re done, calculate your scores and have your buddies try it out too. Remember, no peeking at the answers until you’re done! 

1. Before they delved into the automotive industry, Toyota started out as a subsidiary of another company. What did this company specialise in? [30 POINTS] 

a) Automated looms 
b) Creating hyōshigi (Japanese wooden clappers) 
c) Gardening equipment 
d) Mining 

2. The first ever passenger car by Toyota was put into production in 1936. What was the name of this model? [20 POINTS] 

a) Toyota Supra 
b) Toyota CC 
c) Toyota AA 
d) Toyota Cresta 

3. As of January 2017, an impressive 10,000,000 units of this hybrid model from Toyota were sold worldwide! Which Toyota are we referring to? [20 POINTS] 

a) Toyota Prius 
b) Toyota Camry Hybrid 
c) Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 
d) Toyota Highlander Hybrid 

4. Where is Toyota’s headquarters located in Japan? [10 POINTS] 

a) Toyota, Osaka 
b) Komae, Tokyo 
c) Sōma, Fukushima 
d) Toyota, Aichi 

5. At which motorsport event in 1975 did Toyota first emerge victorious with driver Hannu Mikkola and co-driver Atso Aho? [40 POINTS] 

a) Tour de Corse 
b) 1,000 Lakes Rally 
c) Olympus Rally 
d) Rally d’Italia Sardegna 

6. Kiichiro Toyoda is the founder of Toyota. But why is the brand name spelled ‘Toyota’ instead of ‘Toyoda’? [10 POINTS] 

a) ‘Toyota’ instead of ‘Toyoda’ in Japanese script was considered to be luckier. 
b) ‘Da’ in Japanese translates to ‘dresses’. 
c) To avoid getting mixed up with a Korean automotive company with the same name. 
d) They felt that ‘Toyota’ would be easier to pronounce by customers in the European and American markets. 

7. The Toyota Park (formerly Bridgeview Stadium) was opened to the public in June 2006. Where is it located? [30 POINTS] 

a) Sapporo, Japan 
b) Busan, Korea 
c) Lyon, France 
d) Illinois, U.S.A. 

8. A limited production vehicle sold and produced solely in Japan in the ‘60s, this classic model is often times referred to as the “first Japanese supercar”. Know what it is? [10 POINTS] 

a) Toyota GT86 
b) Toyota 2000GT 
c) Toyota Soarer Turbo 
d) Toyota MR2


(a) Automated looms. Initially named Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, they specialised in making automated looms which were used to weave fabric. 
(b) Toyota AA. The first prototype passenger car by Toyota industries was the A1. This was later redesigned and put into production as the Toyota AA. Its cabriolet counterpart was the Toyota AB. 
(a) Toyota Prius. First sold worldwide in 1997, this stylish hybrid has come a long way! 
(d) Toyota, Aichi. Located in the north of Aichi, Toyota city not only plays home to our favourite brand. It’s also the scene of picturesque mountain ranges, lakes and more! 
(b) 1,000 Lakes Rally. Currently referred to as Rally Finland, Mikkola and Aho secured the first ever motorsport victory for Toyota in their trusty Toyota Corolla! This was also the first win for a Japanese car in a WRC event in Europe. 
(a) ‘Toyota’ instead of ‘Toyoda’ in Japanese script was considered to be luckier. It takes exactly 8 strokes to write ‘Toyota’ in Katakana (Japanese script), which was considered a lucky number. 
(d) Illinois, U.S.A. The Toyota Park serves as the venue for major sporting events including soccer, lacrosse and rugby, along with concerts in recent years. 
(b) Toyota 2000GT. Highly sought after even today, this sexy stunner was purchased at an auction in the UK for over 1 million pounds!


Totally Toyota ULTIMATE Fan (150-170 points): There’s mindblown, then there’s mind… blown. You earned it fair and square so all bragging rights are yours! Congrats! 

Exceptional Enthusiast (100-150 points): Woah! We’re really impressed you know your Toyota trivia inside out. Just a little short of the perfect score! 

Superb Supporter (40-90 points): You certainly know more than most. An admirable effort for sure! 

Fan-in-Training (0-30 points): Aww, it’s okay. Everyone has to start somewhere! Why don’t you visit our website to learn more fun facts?