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What is Early Turnover Scheme (ETS)?

ETS is Government's effort to reduce ambient levels of particulate matter and achieve Singapore’s 2020 air quality targets. It incentivises eligible vehicle owners to encourage early replacement of old diesel vehicles with cleaner models, such as electric vehicles or vehicles which comply with Euro5 / Euro6 or equivalent.

How does ETS Benefit you?

  1. Allow you to transfer unused COE period from your existing vehicle to your replacement vehicle.
  2. Enjoy a bonus COE period for the replacement vehicle, which is proportional to your existing vehicle's remaining 20-year lifespan.
  3. Extend or renew the COE at discounted Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP) for your replacement vehicle after offsetting the transferred COE period and bonus COE period.

Are you Eligible?

The existing vehicle must be:

  1. A Cat C vehicle
  2. Not COE exempted
  3. Propelled by diesel, diesel-Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or diesel-electric
  4. Under permanent ownership of the registered owner
  5. Registered and de-registered within the following period in Table A below.
  6. Properly disposed of (i.e. scrapped or exported and COE rebate, if any, successfully granted) before registration of the replacement vehicle
  7. Have at least 1 day of COE life remaining or at least 1 day of its 20-year lifespan remaining at de-registration.
Table A Pre-Euro/Euro 1 Euro 2/Euro 3
Registration Date Before 1 Jan 2001 1 Jan 2001- 30 Sep 2006
De-registration Date 24 Apr 2013 - 31 July 2017 1 Aug 2015 - 31 July 2019

The replacement vehicle must be:

  1. A Cat C vehicle
  2. Not COE-exempted
  3. Propelled by any of the following in the table below
  4. Registered in the name of the last registered owner of the existing vehicle
  5. Registered within 1 month from the date of registration of the existing vehicle
Table B Emission Standard
Electricity NA
CNG ● Euro4 / JPN2005
● Euro5 / JPN2009
● Euro6
Petrol, Petrol-CNG, Petrol-electric ● Euro4 / JPN2005
● Euro5 / JPN2009
● Euro6 / JPN2009 using port fuel injection technology / JPN2009
   using direct fuel injection technology with Euro5 particle number
Diesel, Diesel-CNG, Diesel-electric ● Euro5 / JPN2009
● Euro6
● JPN2009 with Euro6 particle number (for vehicles with MLW less than
   or equal to 3,500kg only)

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