e-Motorsports is an esport that allows anyone to easily enjoy motorsports. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) uses Gran Turismo 7 for PlayStation®5* (PS5®) and PlayStation®4* (PS4®).

The movements of cars in Gran Turismo 7 are reproduced precisely as they are in the real world. In the game, players from all over the world are seen as equal to real-world racing drivers, spreading a new generation of motorsports. There are many people who compete in both real-world and e-Motorsports, including racing drivers who first began in the field of e-Motorsports.




The TGR GT Cup Singapore is a tournament held for Singaporeans/PR using Gran Turismo 7 for PlayStation®5* (PS5®) and PlayStation®4* (PS4®). Participants will be using GR racing vehicles in
Gran Turismo 7 to compete for the ultimate prize.

The top 3 finalists* will have the opportunity to represent Singapore in the Regional Finals, which will be held in Malaysia during the month of August, where the top two finalists from the Totota Gazoo Racing GT Cup Asia 2024 will progress to the Global Finals to compete against the world’s best e-Motorsport racers.

*Participants must compete in at least three of the seven Global Qualifiers